What's Your Love Frequency?
Get your Love Frequency Reading now to find out.

  • Discover where your energy is on the Love Expression Scale
    Your Love Expression Scale measurement gives you perspective on where you are right now on the spectrum of Love Energy and helps you understand how your experience fluctuates on the spectrum.

  • Take inventory of your journey through past, present, and future Love energy
    Use this information to pull together the pieces of the bigger picture to help you make confident, effective decisions about your next steps.

  • Receive expert recommendations for your next steps

    Based on what we discover in your Love Frequency Reading and what you are looking for as you continue your journey through Love energy, you'll receive at least three expert recommendations to support your desired path forward.

How Does It Work?

Easy Scheduling

Using the booking calendar below, pick a time and date when you can be fully present on a call during your reading.

Secure One-Time Payment

Our payment gateway securely processes your one-time payment using your preferred payment method.

Convenient Connection

At your scheduled reading time, use your phone or an internet-connected web browser to connect for you private reading. 

Pendulum Signal

After tuning into your energy, with my powerful pendulum I read where your energy is right now on the Love Expression Scale.

Past, Present, Future Energy

Using the Goddess category from the Guardians of Wisdom deck, I read your past, present, and future Love Energy path.


You ask me anything related to the reading and your Love Energy, and I make at least three recommendations for your next step. 

Booking Calendar

My Customers Love It!

Just had an amazing Love Frequency Reading with Julie! It was insightful, accurate and given with much love and connection. I feel excited now about my future, heading in the right direction. I can really recommend this to anyone wanting some insight on their path. Thanks so much, Julie!​

Maritta Philp

M.D. and Health Coach

Julie thanks so much for the call last night! Super helpful & informative! You truly have a gift! I look forward to talking again!​

Monica Keys


Julie, Thank you so much for our call right now. You really know how to read, guide and nourish people. Amazed about your insights on the topic.

Birgit Bünger

Creative Writer

I had a Love Frequency Reading with Julie. She was amazingly intuitive and accurate about where I was at in terms of love and she created a wonderfully warm and supportive environment for me to be able to talk about some difficult things. I would highly recommend a session with Julie!

Cal Misner

Chief Happiness Officer

Wow. I'm (quite uncharacteristically) at a loss for words. For an accountant-CFO-black-and-white-linear-thinker to feel as safe in your space as I did is quite a statement.

I'm at that loss for words because I want the world to understand your gift. In fact, I think it's critical that many people I know get just 30 minutes with you! I'm a left-brained, linear-thinking, intellect-focused power player in the corporate world. And I felt safe and valued to a whole new level in the space that you shared with me, Julie. I am a better person for that 40 minute phone call.

Thank you, Julie. Thank you.

Pam Prior

CEO at Priorities Group, Inc.

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